Hanumanji Kamiyala an Important Swaminarayan Sampraday Devotetional Place

Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev - Kamiyala's History

kamiyala hanumanji ni pratishta karata gopalanand swamiLord Shree Swaminarayan has arrived 32 times during his life time to village called Kamiyala in Bhal region of Gujarat state of India. Shriji Maharaj has celebrated festivals like Ram Navmi in this village. He sat under a mango tree near a water bank and ate food many times. At that water bank of Kamiyala village, Sadguru Yogi Gopalanand swami arrived in vikram samvat 1891. At that time, devotees such as Sinhavanarshi, Nathu Gadhavi prayed to Gopalanand Swami that in our village, people die due to diseases. So kindly bless our village. Gopalanand Swami said shreeji maharaj will give his blessings. I will establish powerful Hanumanji Maharaj near this water bank which has become pious due to Lord Swaminarayan's feet have touched it. Then Sadguru Yogi Gopalanand Swami established Hanumanji's Murti and named as Shree Kastabhanjan dev. Swami told to Shree Kastabhanjan dev that devotees who pray you to remove their problems, you shall fulfill their good wishes and remove their problems. Even today, Shree Kastabhanjan dev of Kamiyala village fulfills wishes of thousands of devotees. For this powerful Hanumanji, a beautiful mandir will be built from pink stones. Therefore, for this temple construction, please donate as per your wish and receive blessings of Shriji Maharaj and Shree Hanumanji dada.

Scriptures where Significance of Kamiyana

There are many scriptures of Swaminarayan Sampraday where we can find devotees of Kamiyala village. Shreemad Satsangi Jivan, Adbhutabhand Swami's vato, Bhumanand swami's vato, Prasanand swami ni vato, Aksharanand swami ni vato, Shree Haricharitra Chintamani, Bhakta Chintamani etc. scriptures narrate and mention Kamiyala Dham.

  • Shree Satsangi Jivan Chapter 4, Paragraph 45 narrates that Lord Swaminarayan arrive on 8th day of Chaitra Sud month. At that time, devotes such as Sinhavanar Hathibhai, Vahabhai, Khemraj Gadhavi and Jijiba etc. have welcomed him. Shriji Maharaj celebrated Ram Navmi festival and stayed there up to full-moon day of Chaitra sud with saints and devotees. Lord Swaminarayan did many gatherings during that time period at the same place where Shree Kastabhanjan dev's murti is established later by Gopalanand Swami.
  • Once when Shreeji Maharaj arrived Kamiyala, devotees such as Dadavanar, Hathivanar, Sinhavanar etc. made food with very love and affection for Shreeji Maharaj, saints and devotees. All of them ate food near that bank of water where currently Kashtabhanjan dev's murti is present.
  • In Vikram Samvat 1871, Shree hari ate food with milk & yogurt at devotee named Sinhavanar. Shreeji maharaj spent night and then went to Rojka village at Kakabhai's place. ( Bhumanand Swami vato - 71 ni leela )
  • Lord Swaminarayan ate food of Puri and Kandoda shak at great devotee named Sinhavanar. Then devotees come upto Godha river and Shreeji Maharaj gave his charnarvind on devotees' chest. ( Bhumanand Swami Vato - 72 ni Leela )
  • When Muktanand Swami fell down from horse and his hand broke, Shri Hari stayed two nights in Kamiyala and went to Vadtal. When Shri hari came back again, he stayed at Sinhavanar's residence, ate food and took Muktanand swami to Gadhda with him. ( Bhumanand Swami Vato - 80 ni Leela )
  • When Shreeji Maharaj were going Vadtal to celebrate Ram Navmi Festival, he passed through Kamiyala near umbrella of currently situated Shree Hanumanji. He spent night there by burning thick wooden sticks and did Aarti and Dhun. Also, earlier when Muktanand swami fell from horse in Kamiyala, one devotee covered swami's scars using cloth, Shreeji Maharaj gave that devotee very precious cloth but when that devotee refused to take such an expensive cloth, Shreeji Maharaj gave that devotee another white cloth which he later donated to nearby Dholera Mandir for Shreeji Maharaj's sukhshaiya so that other devotees can do darshan of it. This is mentioned in book called Prasanand Swami ni Vato - Vishram 74 as " Zeenabhai assisted maharaj to bath, to eat dinner and sleep".
  • When Shree hari arrived Kamiyala village, at that time, Dada Vanarashi gave a mad bullock to shree hari. At that time Nityanand Swami told to Adbhutanand swami that this bullock is from your region so get it from Shreeji Maharaj. When they reached at village called Gaanf, Shreeji maharaj became happy and gave that bullock and one farmer named Valji to Adbhutanand Swami and told him that since you live at Dholera region and over there you have water problem, this bullock will be useful to bring water for you. (Adbhutanand Swami Vaat - 195).
  • Shree Hari arrived from Pipli to Kamiyala and stayed at Sinhavanar place with Saints and ate Sheero. Shree hari asked yogurt from female devotees who were standing far away. (Bhumanand Swami ni Vato - 84 ni leela).
  • While going to Vadtal from village Sonsara, he arrived at umbrella where currently Hanumanji Dada's idol is present. Devotees brought sheets, mats, grass etc. Zinabhai assisted maharaj in bathing and ate Thal. (Prasanand Swami Vato - vishram 78)
  • He asked to bring raw materials to prepare food there. Then he went to Khimraj Gadhvi's residence and ate food there and gathered assembly and then slept there.
  • "Jami Jakhde thi Kamiyle - Didha Darhan jan ne dayale, rahi raat chalya tyathi naath, lai muktanand sath ( Bhakta Chintamani - chapter 90).
  • Once when Shreeji Maharaj gathered assembly for katha near water bank between Kamiyala and Pachh village, then Modbhai and his mother and sister Jijiba came for darshan. At that time, Lord Swaminarayan told to Vishudhatmanand Swami that when your Ramba left home, she was as small as Jijiba in age. Then Swami said that she was 9 years old. After listening this Jijiba told her mother that I will not marry now because Shree hari looked at me and gave hint so as per his wish I will observe celibacy all my life and live as Sankhya Yogi. ( Aksharanand Swami Vaat -307)
  • In Kamiyala village, there were two mango trees near banks of water. Shree hari sat in the swing under that tree and devotees have enjoyed a lot with Shree hari during festival of Ram Navmi.
  • There is a great significance of Narayan Kui - a water well near this Hanumanji mandir. People who bath with these well's water their non-curable disease get cured.
  • Shreeji Maharaj also sat near this Narayan Kui - water well and had his hair cut which was adorable darshan.
  • Shriji Maharaj gave prasadi Khesh ( Cloth ) and a protective Dhal ( a type of weapon for protection) to the ancestors of Rajbhai Vanar and Audhadbhai Patel respectively.

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